MacCarthy & Associates Solicitors Dublin Ireland
LawNet is the UK and Ireland’s leading network of independent law firms. MacCarthy & Associates has been a member of LawNet since 2002. With a total of 64 firms of varying sizes it provides a range of benefits to its members and their clients. Of particular benefit is the ease of access to quality-assured legal practitioners in every area of expertise.
Moody International ISO 9001:2008
MacCarthy & Associates has attained the ISO 9001 standard for quality management. First accredited in 2008 it has upgraded its certification to the 9001:2008 standard.

The ISO 9001 standard has become an international reference for quality management and provides a framework of requirements for management to address customer focus, process the management approach, and pursue continuous performance improvement.

We are independently audited and certified by Moody International which is a highly respected worldwide organisation renowned for its approach and service quality.

Moody International’s auditors work with us and our independent Quality Advisor to ensure that our management systems are effectively maintained and continuously improved.

Eurojuris International
Eurojuris International is a European Alliance of 18 groups of law firms of which MacCarthy & Associates is a Member. It groups approximately 650 firms and 5,000 lawyers across Europe providing access to a vast network specialist and skilled lawyers across many jurisdictions. Eurojuris firms are defined by internal quality standards ensuring that dynamic management procedures and work methods are tailored to the Member firms’ and clients' needs.